Welcome to CycloFix!

CycloFix is a project that saw the light of day during the 10th edition of Open Summer of Code, a 4-week summer programme where students, coaches and organisations develop innovative open source projects.

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The goal of the CycloFix project, funded by Brussels Mobility, was to come up with a solution to map, present and integrate cycling infrastructure and relevant points of interest (bicycle pumps, repair stations, parkings, bike shops, …) in the Brussels Capital Region. Therefore, a mapping tool was developped using MapComplete that enables every user to add and/or edit data directly in OpenStreetMap. In order to make this data inventory work, a mapathon was organized during #osoc20 which already boosted the amount of relevant data.

However, work in OpenStreetMap is never finished and this project should be able to live on in the future. That’s why, during #osoc20, we wanted to ship something valuable and put the emphasis on developping a stable and operational mapping tool. Together with this documentation site, assets and guidance, we want our client and other interested audiences to be able to reuse our map. Moreover, we strongly believe that others should build upon our efforts and can lift the project to a higher level.

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